Hotel Fredriksminde, Praestø

Jonas Mikkelsen

How much of the menu is organic produce (average per year)?

In season, almost everything comes from our vegetable garden and the wild. This year, we started a new cooperative with a local school: a4000-square-meter sustainable vegetable garden with solar cells, greenhouses, and much more.


How much of the menu is locally sourced produce?

Almost everything comes from local producers that are 10-50 km from the hotel. We use almost only game meat in season or local lamb in season. Fish is line-caught and we use the most sustainable supplier in Denmark.


What requirements do you have on the meat you serve at the restaurant?

Organic and animal welfare. Again, we use a lot of game meat.Shot only a few kilometers from the hotel by local hunters. A bit of local, organic lamb and chicken as well. Mostly seafood from Danish waters, though.How do you work with food waste?


Do you have guidelines and goals in regards to waste?

We are sorting waste in the kitchen. All food leftovers that we do not use in the restaurant, we eat as staff food.

Our partners

 Arla Unika, Martin & Servera, Scanpan, Unilever Food Solutions, Visit Sweden

 Arla Unika, Martin & Servera, Scanpan, Unilever Food Solutions, Visit Sweden

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