360°Eat Guide is the first restaurant guide to look beyond the plate, considering both the gastronomic experience and sustainability. We aspire to award the pioneers and ground-breakers of modern, transparent gastronomy. Brining to light those caring for our climate and respecting our planet. Equally important, those acknowledging the people behind it all, farmers, suppliers, and coworkers.



In 2018, neither of the existing restaurant guides were taking the aspect of sustainability into consideration. Something vital was missing. After all, the food industry has a tremendous impact on our climate, and the way in which many restaurants treat their employees leaves much to be desired.

Today’s guests want to know which restaurants engage in these questions. There is a vast void of information and a lack of entirety between the restaurants and their guests. Growing concerns around ethical sourcing, food safety, and working conditions, among many things, force the restaurant industry into a new direction. We are moving towards a society demanding transparency. And we have the right to do so – a privilege we should all start using. 360°Eat Guide strives to fill that void and bring forward those at the forefront of transparent, sustainable gastronomy in all its aspects.

“Sustainability is not subjective; it’s pure facts.”

“Transparency is no longer an option.”


The Jury

The founder and editor-in-chief of 360°Eat Guide, Pär Bergkvist, has a long experience as a journalist, editor, and publisher in the fields of food, wine, travel, and lifestyle. For 5-6 years, he was on the jury for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, where he gained valuable insights and got familiar with the process of the assessment. Besides Pär, a dedicated team comprises the jury members who assess and review the restaurants and experiences of 360°Eat Guide. The members are selected based on their knowledge of the restaurant industry and their accumulated gastronomical experience. In addition, we all share a passion to promote and support sustainable food experiences that contribute to a better and more sustainable world.

We interview hundreds of the best chefs and restaurateurs yearly – that’s the best way to keep ourselves on our toes. The best chefs in the world are our teachers and sources of inspiration. We are poking our noses into different matters and asking challenging questions while absorbing the enormous amount of knowledge out there. This is the only way to ensure the evaluation process’s credibility, transparency, and consistency.



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