The assessment of restaurants is divided into two parts. First, a jury member visits and evaluates everything from the venue, treatment and presentation during service, to the quality of the ingredients, craftsmanship, creativity, as well as taste in food and drink. The second part is a comprehensive interview about the business, focusing on all aspects of sustainability.


If a restaurant qualifies, it will be presented in 360°Eat Guide. Each of the qualifying restaurant are listed based on, firstly, sustainability circles, and secondly, gastronomy points. The ranking order in the list is arranged accordingly. To clarify, the list is ordered according to the circles – the higher the number of circles (1, 2, or 3), the higher up in ranking. Within the categories of circles, the restaurnts are arranged based on their gastronomic points.


One circle

A rating of one circle indicates great commitment in some, or several, areas of sustainability — environmental, social, and economic. The knowledge and ambitions are more significant than at the average restaurant.

Two circles

A rating of two circles indicates dedication and ambition in several areas of sustainability — environmental, social, and economic. The sustainability efforts are serious and long-term. Ambitions are communicated both internally towards employees and externally towards guests and suppliers.

Three circles

A rating of three circles indicates mastery in all areas of sustainability – environmental, social, and economic. Sustainability efforts characterize all aspects of the restaurant – locality, seasonality, food waste, recycling, relationships with farmers, economy, policies, and employees’ development and well being – in a thoughtful, genuine, and completely natural way.

Gastronomic points

The gastronomic points (0-100P) given to each restaurant illustrate the level of gastronomy experienced during the restaurant visits. The points represent the quality of what is served – presentation, flavor, composition, texture, savoir-faire, seasonality – along with service, knowledge, and environment.



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