The assessment of restaurants is divided into two parts. First, a jury member visits and evaluates everything from the venue, the treatment, and presentation during service, to the quality of the ingredient, craftsmanship, creativity, and taste, both in food and drink. The second part consists of a questionnaire that the responsible kitchen manager must fill out, answering how the restaurant works with sustainability.

5 questions about the 360°EAT GUIDE

1. Do you visit all the restaurants that are included in the guide?

Yes. At least once. In 2020, we, unfortunately, had to refrain from a few visits, these are marked under the respective restaurant description.

2. What does it take to be in the 360°EAT GUIDE?

Each restaurant must fill out a form with questions about how they work with sustainability. If you do not fill in the form, you cannot be tested or presented in the 360°EAT GUIDE.

3. Does it cost anything to join?

No, it’s free.

4. Are all restaurants welcome in the guide?

Yes, if they get A) points on sustainability B) points on gastronomy.

5. Who sits on the jury?

Unlike other restaurant guides, we believe in transparency and clarity. Here, you can see who is involved and makes assessments for the 360°EAT GUIDE Nordic Countries.

Our partners

 Arla Unika, Martin & Servera, Scanpan, Unilever Food Solutions, Visit Sweden

 Arla Unika, Martin & Servera, Scanpan, Unilever Food Solutions, Visit Sweden

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