Firstly, a discerning jury member visits and evaluates each restaurant. Everything from the ambiance of the venue and the treatment and presentation during service to the quality of ingredients, craftsmanship, and creativity in culinary endeavors is assessed. Taste in food and drink takes center stage, ensuring a holistic evaluation.

The second part of the assessment delves into the core of sustainability. 360°Eat Guide meticulously examines a wide array of factors, ranging from sourcing practices and relationships with suppliers to staff management, work-life balance, waste management, and energy efficiency. For those restaurants that go above and beyond, a comprehensive interview ensues, delving into every facet of the establishment’s commitment to economic, environmental, and social responsibility.

Only those restaurants that meet rigorous standards will be featured in 360°Eat Guide. Each qualifying establishment is categorized based on two key criteria: sustainability circles and gastronomy points. The ranking order within the curated list reflects this dual emphasis, ensuring that both sustainability and gastronomy are considered in the assessment.

To provide clarity and transparency, the list is structured according to sustainability circles, with a higher number of circles signifying a deeper commitment to sustainability. Within each circle category, restaurants are further arranged based on their gastronomic points, recognizing culinary craftsmanship and the full experience.

Dining experiences should not only tantalize the taste buds but also nurture the planet and its communities. Through our assessment methodology, diners are invited to embark on a culinary journey where sustainability meets gastronomic brilliance, one delectable dish at a time.


One circle

A rating of one circle indicates great commitment in some, or several, areas of sustainability — environmental, social, and economic. The knowledge and ambitions are more significant than at the average restaurant.

Two circles

A rating of two circles indicates dedication and ambition in several areas of sustainability — environmental, social, and economic. The sustainability efforts are serious and long-term. Ambitions are communicated both internally towards employees and externally towards guests and suppliers.

Three circles

A rating of three circles indicates mastery in all areas of sustainability – environmental, social, and economic. Sustainability efforts characterize all aspects of the restaurant – locality, seasonality, food waste, recycling, relationships with farmers, economy, policies, and employees’ development and well being – in a thoughtful, genuine, and completely natural way.

Gastronomic points

The gastronomic points (0-100P) given to each restaurant illustrate the level of gastronomy experienced during the restaurant visits. The points represent the quality of what is served – presentation, flavor, composition, texture, savoir-faire, seasonality – along with service, knowledge, and environment.



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