Frequently asked questions


1. Is it free of charge to be part of the guide?


2. How do I take part in the guide?
Send an email to and tell us shortly about your restaurant and relevant practices of yours.


3. How are the questions assembled?
The questions are constructed by, among others, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as well as an advisory board consisting of some of the leading chefs and restaurateurs in the Nordics.


4. Who are the restaurant inspectors?
The jury consists of several journalists and foodies. The chairman is Pär Bergkvist. For a considerable time he voted for “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” before deciding to start his own guide, aiming for higher ambitions and relevance.


5. What is the significance of the circles and the gastronomic points?
The circles are an indication of the restaurant’s ambitions and efforts around social, economic, and environmental sustainability. The gastronomic points represent the restaurant experience and the quality of what is served – presentation, flavor, composition, texture, savoir-faire, seasonality – along with service, knowledge, and environment.



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