Harry and William, two UK-born brothers, are the driving force behind the regenerative olive oil farm Two Fields on the Greek island of Crete, supplying several UK-based restaurants with olive oil. William, tell us how it all began.

– It started with Harry moving to Zakros, Crete, after falling in love with Eleni during a family vacation. My frequent visits during the summers to come see them led to our integration into the community. We discovered this beautiful place, the potential of the area and the quality of the olive oil but were also faced with the challenges of the conventional food system. We became apprentices to local farmers, buying our own 200 olive trees.

Were you focused on regenerative farming from the start?

– Yes. We embraced regenerative principles. As we have trees, all rotted in the idea of being more like a forest than and farm, replicating natural systems and cycles. We initially produced 1000 bottles, which sold out, and then made 2000 more, which also sold out.

What was the key to your success?

– Through regenerative farming we built resilience into our land, actively working with the soil. It’s about the holistic view – the birds, the bees, the fungi, the microbes – and understanding the ecosystem. And to be truly regenerative, there has to be a community. We started a project to help small, local farmers transition from conventional to organic farming. The profits have been reinvested back into the community by purchasing equipment and infrastructure for the farmers.

What does the future hold for Two Fields?

– Our dream isn’t to be this massive business. This is about a project built and shaped by farmers, for farmers. Regenerating land, celebrating heritage, and connecting with the best chefs who champion change. Hopefully we can build a model that others can adapt and use on their farms. If we can help be part of those ripples of change in our small way, that would be amazing.




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