Credo Restaurant

Credo Restaurant, Trondheim

Heidi Bjerkan, Credo Restaurant

Head Chef Heidi Bjerkan

Briefly tell us how you work with sustainability at Credo

Giving more than what we are taking. Reduce waste. Reduce plastic. Reduce our footprint (transportation of goods). Source products locally. Respect for the farmers. Respect for all the people involved in the projects in Credo. Transmitting values and ideas. Taking all our guests on a tour around the house, to try to raise awareness and educate.


Does the staff meet producers and suppliers to gain in-depth knowledge of certain products and producers?

Yes, we have very close contact with our suppliers. Especially with our dairy farm, Fannremsgarden, and our vegetable farm, Skjølberg Sondre, which are almost only producing for us. We try to visit as much as possible.


What requirements do you have on the fish and seafood you use in the restaurant?

Only from local small fishers, as we are located directly at the fjord. Handpicked or line-caught seafood. We try to use loads of side catches as well.


At the restaurant, what consideration has been taken for durability in materials, manufacturing methods, and sustainable producers?

Locally sourced furniture from a Norwegian Designer. Human values are really important for us, so we only support local craft makers. Furthermore, we buy loads of plates and such second hand, which has been sourced in Norway. We try to showcase the brand of Nordic handmade products like our linen, wood, and all our ceramics plates and cutlery, etc. We even started a project to make linen ourselves for table runners in the restaurant.

Credo Restaurant



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