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As an introduction to 360°Eat Guide Paris that will be launched later this year; these are 25 restaurants to keep an eye on; restaurants at the forefront of sustainable gastronomy in Paris.


Please notice: These restaurants have not been tested by the 360°Jury, nor have they filled in the 360°Form – the basis for our assessment. Before this process is completed; the restaurants are not qualified for 1, 2, or 3 circles in 360°Eat Guide.




Botanique Restaurant

Chef Sugio Yamaguchi invites you to a world of creativity and chlorophyll – with openness and traceabilityof ingredients as the most obvious thing in the world.


David Toutain

Vegetables, herbs, flowers; chef David Toutain is a pioneer of sustainable gastronomy. The restaurant collaborates with small-scale, ecologically minded producers and works hard to minimise the food waste.



Chef patron Antonin Bonnet – who trained under legendary Michel Bras – is straightforward with his ambitions; Quinsou is a neighbourhood restaurant; it’s natural, creative, humble. A great address for foodies who care.



Hyper-local, progressive, curious – on a lifelong commitment to run the most sustainable restaurant on the planet. Bertrand Grébaut has brought modern, sustainble French cuisine to the 11 Arrondissement of Paris. This is “innocent, spontaneous, and balanced,” in the chef’s own words.



Bruno Verjus, with his ever-changing seasonal menu, has identified the best producers which he now invites guests to enjoy at his. It’s both simple and elegant – a cuisine impossible to label. Sustainable luxury, maybe?


Restaurant AT

There it is; in the heart of Latin Quarter in Paris; progressive, artistic and impossible to place in a culinary category. “For me, cooking is an art form,” says chef Atsushi Tanaka of Paris restaurant AT. “I need design. I need my food to be beautiful and tasty at the same time.”



Chef Adeline Grattard describes Yam’tcha as a “love story between France and Hong Kong.

There are no recipes and nothing is written down. But for sure; the basis of her cooking is first class ingredients, solid craftmanship and a great respect for smaller, independent producers.


→  La Table de Colette

This eco-friendly, innovative restaurant is one of the first carbon neutral restaurants in Paris;  with a limited food waste approach. Chef Josselin Marie delivers local and seasonal produce – it’s creative, beautiful, vivid, and inventive French cooking.



A pop up-restaurant created by Chef Alain Ducasse and curated by talented chef Romain Meder, putting vegetables and cereals to the center of the diet, relying on the best resources produced in France. This is a fresh, healthy, plant-based and natural gastronomy – and of course – absolutely necessary.



The famous vegetarian tasting menu by three-Michelin-starred chef Alain Passard may be unimaginably expensive – but i as close to Nirvana as Paris can deliver for vegetarians. The restaurant owns two impressive gardens – covering over three hectares – that provide organic vegetables for the kitchen.


Le George

Italian-born chef Simone Zanoni, who worked for years at Gordon Ramsey restaurants, is today headed up Michelin-starred Le George at Four Seasons Hotel George V. The menu is structured around what the garden belonging to the restaurant, gives the chefs. This is a modern, responsible, thoughtful cuisine.



May seem self-explanatory on a list of the best restaurants in Paris; even when it comes to sustainability Pascal Barbot is at the forefront. This is progressive, innovative, skilled, thoughtful and relevant.


→  Maison Sota

Sota Atsumi’s loft-space restaurant in Paris serves seasonal homestyle food and the approach of carefully procuring ingredients is the basis of his cooking. The menus change daily due to seasonal fresh ingredients being walked in the door by the farmers, fishermen and hunters. This is how to run a restaurant!



This neo-bistro run by Baptiste Day – who worked at Astrance and Arpège) – focusing on working directly with winemakers producing honest and natural wine, and this approach also aplies on the food. It’s straightforward, fresh, and inspiring.



It is not that common; a restaurant that talks openly and honestly about the well-being of the staff. But Anona does! This is a restaurant offering a responsible and sustainable cuisine; including reduction of waste, limitation of water consumption and use of green electricity.


Chez Foucher Mère et Fille

A local, committed neighbourhood canteen who sees a pride in putting producers and suppliers on the pedestal. Eco-responsible with local, honest approach.



The chef Bérangère Boucher at the japanese-inspired izakaya, chooses his products with great care for their quality and because they respect the eco-responsible charter that the he has defined for the restaurant – organic vegetables from a cooperative in the Parisian suburbs and protein with the origin clearly defined.


→  Ressources

This organic, fresh and seasonal restaurant is campaigning for local, quality cuisine that gives the Parisians a taste for good, honestly cooked food. Chef Emmanuelle Riboud runs her restaurant a stone’s throw from the Luxembourg Garden; a simple window open to the street above which the word Resources is inscribed in neon.



A restaurant that serves 100 percent plant based food; seasonal and organic. Simple dishes, fun combinations and creative presentations.


→  Innocence

A 20-seat micro-restaurant nestled in the heart of the Pigalle district, In the kitchen; Anne Legrand and Clio Modaffari cook mainly plant-based food; dishes following the seasons, always in search for smaller, independent quality producers.


Le Potager de Charlotte

Two brothers; one goal – bringing a new epicurean and gourmet approach to plant-based cuisine, along with a generous and warm-hearted service.


Abattoir Vegetal

Au revoir vegan ronchon, bienvenue dans une partie fine de légumes, céréales, légumineuses et fruits. Goodbye vegan grumpy, welcome green gastronomy. Naturally vegetarian and vegan flavours from around the world.



The young Sardinian chef, Simone Tondo runs a Parisian bistro marked by its “raw cuisine” made up of great produce and slow cooking. Re-opening in September 2021.



Led by chef Julien Sebbag, this new roof-top restaurant stands out with its striking view of the Eiffel Tower and its dynamic, tempting plant-centric menu that celebrates nature with seasonal and local produce. Small dishes to share.



Simple, healthy, seasonal food, 100 percent organic and mostly French. A small restaurant with big dreams of changing the world.






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