How does the restaurant manage to reduce food waste?

Our prep schedule is managed only to prepare what is needed for the guests daily plus a small margin. Our trimmings are used in staff food and sauces. Leftover staff food is taken home by the team or eaten later as a second meal.

What efforts are being made – and what safety nets are in place – to avoid or capture discrimination, bullying, and verbal and physical abuse, which can result in mental illness among employees?

We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination, bullying, verbal and physical abuse, and sexual harassment. There is a clause in our work contracts stating this, which all employees must sign and acknowledge. They are directed to inform their manager immediately if they see or experience any of the above.

Tell us about your view on sustainability when it comes to beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

We recycle our glass bottles, vet our producers to ensure their practices are in alignment with sustainability. We also encourage our wine importers to ship as much of their wine as possible by ship. We support small, local businesses and farms as much as possible. For example, our milk products come from Birkemosegard, a local organic farm where the cows graze in open pastures, and the brown glass milk bottles are returned.



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