The kitchen during service in KADEAU COPENHAGEN⁠

Hi Kyumin Hahn, Kadeau CPH

Please tell us how you communicate your sustainability work.

We don’t consider ourselves advocates for sustainability when guests come to the restaurant. It’s a natural practice for us. We don’t want to teach the guests a lesson when they arrive, so we stray from preaching. We focus on it sparingly in social media too. If we promote something on social media, it’s most likely a specific producer, product, or wine, to highlight them. We don’t have to teach people to be resourceful and not wasteful, to appreciate the ingredients and respect them. We have a natural process of using everything.

To what extent are the chefs involved in exploring the indigenous foodways and ingredients of your region; what efforts are being made to increase the proportion of locally produced food and drink?

We have a six-acre farm with a full-time employee, where we grow all the vegetables we use, which is one arena where we explore what we can grow and use. The chefs harvest everything themselves, which they serve in the evening. They also communicate with farmers’ markets to see what’s coming in and forage to see what’s coming in the wild through the seasons. For drinks, we offer a beverage pairing, which can be wine, and cocktail based, and a non-alcoholic pairing. We also collaborate with local producers who can produce things we can’t. We work with Aberov, who makes a cider made from Bornholm apples. We also have a beer collaboration and a gin collaboration on Bornholm. We also just launched a non-alcoholic partnership with a company in Nordhavn. Everyone we collaborate with has the same philosophies as us at Kadeau.



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