Brace, Denmark

Brace, Copenhagen


A taste of Brace

Does your staff undergo sustainability education? If so, how often?

Yes, we have an annual meeting to assess the previous year’s habits and brainstorm where we can improve. We have reminders and follow-ups during our pre-service meetings as well.


Does the restaurant have a policy regarding single-use plastic?

Yes, we avoid single-use plastic as much as it is within our reach. When certain products are packaged with single-use plastic, we search for an alternative. If suppliers deliver any form of a plastic box, we return the box to them so that it may be continuously used. Our kitchen also avoids using plastic film.


How much of the menu is organic produce (average per year)?

90 percent.


How much of the menu is locally sourced produce? Max, 250 kilometers from the restaurant.

98 percent.


Do you make any food from scratch? For example, flour, miso, bread, garum, and vinegar?

Yes! We make homemade sourdough bread, all types of pasta (e.g. cappelletti), bottarga (e.g.from cod roe), pickled herbs & vegetables, different kinds of vinegar (e.g.elderflower), kombucha, butter, fermentation (e.g.potato, garlic), and aged fish and meat.



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