Small Holding

Will Devlin, co-owner and chef at The Small Holding in Kilndown, UK, how did you come to open The Small Holding?
– My brother and I started with a pop-up, but we always aimed to create our own place, making food from scratch. We bought this land with a focus on farming and growing high-quality ingredients naturally, without chemicals. We’ve learned to use nettle tea and compost as fertilizers and our chickens help improve soil health.

How do you communicate your message to your guests?
– When guests arrive, we walk them around the farm, opening up conversations about our practices. The chefs serve the food, engaging guests directly. This personal interaction helps make the topic less distant.

How important is it for you to use local produce?
– Using local produce is crucial for us, defined within national borders. All our sparkling wines are English, and 40 percent of our wine list is from the UK. But sustainability goes beyond regional, seasonal food and beverage; it includes minimizing food waste through nose-to-tail cooking, avoiding waste materials like cling film and vacuum bags, collaborating with like-minded suppliers, using green energy, and, of course, ensuring the health of our team.

How do you keep your staff is involved and motivated?
– We prioritize organizational health with daily briefings, ensuring every team member has a voice. And just like corporate businesses, we also hold one-on-one meetings for personal development, fostering an environment of openness and trust. This makes our work dynamic and engaging for everyone.


Photo: The Small Holding



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