Thomas Sampl, managing director and owner at Hobenköök in Hamburg, you only use direct trade, no middlemen; why is that?

– That’s our way to ensure we know where the produce is coming from. We speak to all the people from whom we get ingredients regularly. We are lucky to be surrounded by over 200 suppliers at the market where we are located. The same goes for wine and all our other beverages, of course.

How do you communicate about sustainability with your staff?

– When you first come here, you get a little bible stating what we wish to accomplish, how we will get there, and why we do so. Beyond that, we have many unwritten rules. We actually spoke about writing them down, a suggestion from an employee, and we plan on doing that in 2024. We are a diverse team, so there are a lot of great thoughts and ideas within the company that we are conscious of nurturing.

What about your outward communication?

– We shout things out! Sustainability and the environment is a huge interest of ours. About 3000 people are currently signed up for our newsletter, which discusses our sustainability efforts and other news. We also talk about it during the Open Mouth Food Festival – bringing attention to the food system’s global ecological and social challenges.



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