Sophie Lehmann, owner and managing director at 100/200 Kitchen in Hamburg, tell us about the ideas behind your wines.

– I don’t like the term “natural”; it’s so diffuse. But all our wines fall under what people would label natural wines. I rather use the word authentic. I believe you have to choose the wines according to the menu. For us, as equally natural as it is to update your menu according to the season, it is for us to do so with the wines. We like strong and tasty wines with structure, where you can taste that they have been thoughtfully made. And there certainly is no need to bring in wines overseas.

Do you have a written policy around staff management and safety and security?

  • Yes. Our employees did it themselves, telling us how they wanted to work. Once or twice a year, we get together to discuss these things and various aspects of sustainability. You must give these questions space and time and allow people to connect their everyday actions with their long-term impact. This way, we can build a menu where there is not much opportunity to waste things.

How else do you allow your staff to develop?

– Here, it all starts with an academy. Beginning with hollandaise and mayonnaise and slowly progressing and advancing. Make sure they learn the basics to accelerate further. And learn to respect the produce to avoid waste. Then, of course, we take good care of each other and learn from one another.



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