Rikke Storm Overgaard, restaurant manager at Moment in Djursland, you have a very scientific approach to everything you do.

– Yes, we work in collaboration with a scientific board. Having our own farm enables us to be next to self-sufficient, but we also aim to increase biodiversity in the area. The farm is around 4 hectares, plus a pond and a forest where we grow blueberries and other plants. Finally, there is an area where we have planted willow which can be used as fertilizer. Everything is grown in a regenerative way – we want to prove to the world that it is possible to restore nature while harvesting.

Rumour has it you bought a second farm?

  • Last year we bought a mushroom farm where we experiment with farming in an urban environment. The aim is to have access to local produce in city centers. And – we’ve received some money from two organizations in order to investigate how plant material from farming can be used in the building industry. For this reason, we are working to create an agro-lab which can take fiber material out of plants and use it in various industries.



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