Peeter Pihel (chef and co-founder), Kristjan Kiho (general manager and sommeilier), and Els Kullamaa (director of operations) -Tallinn restaurant Fotografiska – what is your approach to produce?

– Local ingredients are aways at the center of our plating, and our approach is “nose to tail” and “leaf to root”. About 70 percent of the food is organic, and for protein, we mainly use beef that has been grass fed and comes from the southern part of Estonia. The animals take care of our land and we make sure to use every part. Our vegetables also come from the southern part of the country where the climate and soil are better. We follow the seasons and pick ransom, nettles, etcetera. At our own garden, situated 25 minutes from the restaurant, we can make use of the compost. It’s a circular system, that also allows for a lot of creativity in the kitchen.

What about your wines?

– The minimum level is that they are organic, followed by biodynamic and natural. We import them directly to us, that way we can trace them down to the winemaker. In general, our wine list focuses a lot on terroir, where you can really taste the soil and the climate.



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