Local produce and flavours from Singapore joined forces, when Saga opened it’s doors in Gothenburg, Sweden, in October this year. Chef and co-owner Pearly Teo, what is the general idea behind the restaurant?

– It features Singaporean and South East Asian flavours with local, Swedish produce and we work closely with local farmers and fishermen. I have worked at restaurants such as Vrå and Gastrologik which sparked my interest in working seasonally, locally and environmentally consciously.

Apart from being a chef, you have a scientific background, right?

– Yes, I pursued a Masters in Sustainable Development of
Marine Bio-resources in Gothenburg, where my thesis focused on developing a food product from Swedish herring, seaweed, and lingonberries.

How does all this show in your daily work?

– We put all these principles into our work and take care to pay our employees fairly and give them fair hours. It’s challenging to get hold of certain Asian ingredients locally, but I have for example been making my own miso from local beans.

Do you have any sustainable plans for the future?

– We have an empty backyard space at the restaurant where we are planning to put in a greenhouse, as well as planter boxes for next year where we can grow our own garnishes, as well as some vegetables.



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