Ola Klepp, head chef and co-owner at Restaurant K2 in Stavanger, Norway, how do you choose your ingredients?

–  We’re a certified organic restaurant. At the latest revision, we had 74 percent organic produce, including beverages. And – virtually everything we serve, except wine, comes from our shire, Rogaland.

How do you ensure that the fish you serve comes from sustainable sources?

– We work in close connection with the organization MSC, and we mainly serve bycatch. Our menu is very flexible, that way we’re able to make sudden changes depending on what’s available. Ideally, our fishmongers should call us last, then we’re able to buy whatever’s left.

How picky are you when it comes to only using seasonal products?

– Very picky! We never buy frozen fruits because no-one can guarantee where it comes from. Instead, we pickle, dry and preserve great amounts of fruits in the summertime. We also have our own garden. We had trouble finding organic strawberries, so we decided to grow our own, using compost from the restaurant.


Photo: Anna Torst Saatvedt



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