Matilde Grue, owner and head chef at Blink, the restaurant by the lighthouse in Skagen in Denmark, how did it all begin?

– We were three friends who decided to start a restaurant. We cook with whatever lands at the fish auction and work with around fifteen small farms around northjutland. We buy what they have in season. Three times a week, we harvest our own vegetables from two organic farms, and we pick mushrooms, berries and plants from the surroundings. This means that almost every day offers a different menu.

Does your staff get specific training when it comes to sustainability?

– We have a lot of training at the beginning when there are newcomers. We teach them all about the produce and on the three times per week that we go to harvest, everybody is invited to come along. At least once every season, all of our staff has the opportunity to meet some of our producers.

How do you work with food waste?

– The way we work, with an ever-changing menu, is the key to having no waste. We are able to use everything! This also gives us a lot of space for creativity, which is also something our guests can benefit from.


Photo: Emil Agerskov



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