Martin Sjöstrand, co-owner of Hörte Brygga, Skivarp, what are the perks of not setting the menu in advance?

–      It allows us and our producers to cook with what’s best right now. We are given free hands to change it from one day to the next, depending on the circumstances. Much can happen between our planning and the servings, such as weather, sickness, pests, etc. It also means we have less waste and no need to make up with produce of worse quality.

What do you do to offer your employees a safe and secure workplace?

–      All our employees must take a course around sexual harassment when they start. We also have Visita for collective agreements and Fora for insurance. There are no so-called “långpannor” – work shifts longer than the regular workday – in our scheduling. Regarding the working environment, we have workbenches of various heights, ergonomic trays, and plates of lighter weight to tear less on our bodies.

How do you work with shipment and deliveries?

–      Since 2013, we have been strict about packaging from suppliers. To the greatest extent possible, we organize to combine shipments. Now, we are working to decrease our cardboard usage by installing a recycling system for our beverages and purchasing larger quantities.

Are there other resource usages you give extra thought to?

– Absolutely! The whole organization is paper-free. We are careful with our water usage and always use water left from water bottles used for service. Also, regarding our use of fabric, everything from organic dishcloths and washable linen napkins to aprons made from raincoat material to easily be washed off instead of putting them in the laundry daily.


On photo: Emma Andersson Sjöstrand & Martin Sjöstrand



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