Martijn Koeleman, head chef at De Dyck in Amsterdam, how strict are you when it comes to using local produce?

  • All our produce is local, grown here in the Netherlands. 99 percent of our vegetables come from our garden. We have our own pigs here at the farm as well. And, conveniently, they take care of some of our compost – but they are picky; they don’t eat everything.

What else do you do to minimize your food waste?

  • To be honest, we are entirely circular. Other than for the pigs, parts of the compost we let ferment for three years to become soil. Weird shapes and odd sizes of vegetables don’t bother us. And we ferment a lot and experiment to find new ways of preservation.

Do you consider locality for the wine list as well?

  • Yes,. Our sommelier, Christian, chose the producers on our wine list by drawing a circle around our restaurant with a radius of 500 km. Everything beyond Chablis in France or Baden in Germany was excluded. Within that circle, he started looking for winemakers producing sustainable wines, working in symbiosis with nature.



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