Manuel Núñez, head chef at Batea in Barcelona, tell us a little about your team!

– We have a very multi-cultural team consisting of 50 percent women. It’s become that way, naturally. I used to work in Sweden where the hierarchy is more horizontal than in Spain, that’s where I learned that there are different ways of working.

Do you offer leadership training?

– Yes, I think it’s important that everybody has a clear role, and for that reason, we offer leadership training. Right now, we are in the process of training one of our chefs to become executive manager, for example. My aim is to work with trained and experienced staff, not kitchen assistants. That way we can delegate different tasks, and everybody will be more involved.

What are the working terms at Batea?

– Everybody gets paid a full salary all year round – we only offer permanent, full-time contracts. We are also planning to apply some kind of bonus which isn’t money-based, such as private, medical insurance or gym card. We want to take care of the people who work with us – they should feel happy and valued.



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