Lucia de Luca, co-owner of zero-waste restaurant Tèrra in Copenhagen, tell us how you succeed in throwing nothing away!

– We have no waste because everything is transformed, re-transformed, and upcycled. The white in the lemons becomes perfume for our restroom; the bitter part becomes a little cake for our petit fours. The only thing left is bones or fibers after extraction, which go to compost thanks to the recycling company Daka ReFood.

What are the greatest challenges you face when you strive to be a zero-waste restaurant?

– There are several difficulties to become zero waste, and for us, the most challenging is the handling of plastic. It’s a political issue. No matter how much we strive to reduce our use of plastic, it will not be sufficient to preserve our future. Companies must provide alternative sustainable options at fair prices so everyone can take sustainable action daily.

How do you work to make an impact on this matter?

– Communication is key. For example, to prevent guests from leaving bits of food, we explain the meaning behind our dishes. And last November, we were invited to the gastronomic forum in Barcelona to talk about how we can inspire others to work in the same direction. You need to be outside of the restaurant to be able to plant seeds and tell people about what you do.



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