Kristjan Peäske, head sommelier at Lee Restoran in Tallinn, how do you work with sustainability?
– Our ingredients are generally local, contemporary and from artisan producers – at least the centerpiece of every dish is always local. This means that our menu is constantly changing. However, we would not specifically use the word “sustainability” to describe what we do. To us it’s more about having a deep connection with suppliers and sharing stories with guests. Human connection is important.

How do you maintain this connection with your producers?
– We visit many of them quite often. We want to maintain a social relationship where we keep them close to us for a longer period of time. Each year, all our staff join an event where they can hang out with farmers, eat together, talk, and share experiences. This is really valuable to us.

You’re a sommelier. What is your approach when choosing wines?
– We like to introduce small scale, organic, natural wines, primarily from Hungary, France and Spain to our guests. Our non-alcoholic beverages, and some of the beer, we produce ourselves, making use of the equipment of some of our friends.



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