Kim Jongbloed, owner and head chef at Café Beurre in Amsterdam, tell us about the choice to open a vegetarian restaurant!

  • Cattle is crucial to keep our soil healthy. However, I don’t see the need to kill them. We still use many dairy products, and I eat meat occasionally myself. If I would serve meat, it would be of quality, coming from honorable and respectful farming, with a price tag higher than I want for the menu prices in my restaurant.

What type of restaurant do you want to have?

  • I want a place where everyone feels welcome. It should be affordable, and the 70-year-old man can come down and have a regular beer. Our menu is small and flexible to avoid overproduction. When we sell out, it’s finished; we would rather say no to guests than throw away food. And we buy everything day fresh.

How do you allow your staff to grow and flourish?

  • We allow people to make mistakes. Some like it, others freak out and need clear directions. I encourage learning by doing. Right now, two staff members want to learn about Burgundy, so every week, we take two wines, taste them, and talk about them. I also don’t count holidays or check the schedules that my staff make; I trust them and empower them to make their own choices. We all work for the same purpose.



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