Joel Rammelsberg, head chef at Savage in Brussels, what is your philosophy when choosing your produce?

– We’re essentially a vegetarian restaurant, serving meat and fish on the side. Even in the winter, we only use locally sourced products. My dad is an organic farmer in Holland, so I grew up with nice produce. I enjoy the process of creating a specific type of carrot together with a farmer, following the process and in the end, having a story to tell at the table.

Could you tell us a bit about the work that you do to reduce food waste at the restaurant?

– We always start by a discussion with the whole team, to get an idea of what to reuse. Peels are grilled and fish bones can be used for soup or “garum”, a salty, fermented sauce. If we make desserts with citrus, we reuse the peels. From stems of herbs we make vinegar, and by the end of the summer we usually have about 800 jars of fermented produce.

What do you plan to do in the nearby future?

– We’re going to open a bakery and épicerie that shares the philosophy of Savage. And – we’re dreaming of creating a garden close to Brussels, perhaps with a few animals too. My associate has already bought the land, so now we’ve tested the soil and we’re working with a landscape architect.


Photo: Gabriel de Selys



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