Jacob Burmølle-Jensen, chef and owner at restaurant Vår in Odense, Denmark, why have you chosen to once again participate in 360°Eat Guide?

  • We think it’s had a big impact on the industry. Here in Odense, for example, we’re among the few restaurants that are into sustainability and biodiversity. This means having to compete with all other kind of restaurants, while struggling to give our employees weekends off and good workhours. A lot of people don’t care about sustainability, so the guide is important.

How do you collaborate with your producers?

– Last fall, we had a meeting with our farmers with the aim to develop crops for the following year. However, the weather and seasons are not as reliable as they used to be, so we also make sure to have weekly meetings with our vegetable farmer.

How do you keep food waste to a minimum?

–       Firstly, we carefully go through what we need for each dish and what we can preserve. Once a week, we ferment vegetables. We also try to use as much as possible of each ingredient, making purees, nuggets, soups and sauces. In the end, we hardly have any waste at all.



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