Gemma López, manager at Suru Bar in Barcelona, what are your views on recycling?

– I come from the world of design; I did a master’s degree focusing on designing new materials based on reuse. I learned a lot about why and how different things are made. We create our own napkins and crockery. We’re also considering making our own plates from chicken bones. Our glasses are bought from a friend of ours who uses recycled material. In the future we hope to initiate a collaboration with him to make our own glasses using glass and ash waste.

Do you have a similar attitude to food waste?

– Yes, we have very little food waste, maximum 1 percent. Fish bones are made into broth, and instead of chicken legs we may serve neck, gizzard or heart. The same goes for vegetables; every part of them are used. We already work very closely to our producers, but I’d love to go even further to reduce food waste. Generally, I put a lot of emphasis on trying to find solutions.

How would you like your guests to remember you after a visit?

– I love that when people see the restaurant, they don’t just see what’s there – they know that behind every item, wine, and dish, there is a lot of respect between the producer and consumer.



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