Grace & Savour

Grace & Savour is a fine dining restaurant situated at a five-star hotel in Hampton, UK. David Taylor, Chef Director, how did you end up here?

– I arrived on the estate to set up Grace & Savour via Oslo, London, North America and Copenhagen.⁠ But Maze is where I really started my career. And while you won’t see the same style of food – or ethos – at Grace & Savour, my time at Gordon Ramsay’s busy London restaurant gave me the resilience I rely on today.⁠

You have your own, biodynamic farm. How do you maintain the same, high standard when it comes to for example fish and seafood?

– Fish has been the biggest challenge so far, but what we want is crystal clear. We work with small-scale companies that only use smaller boats and responsible methods. For that reason, or menu is very flexible.

Would you describe yourselves as a sustainable workplace when it comes to the people too?

– My wife is the house manager and she’s the person that everyone goes to. We have meetings every week and we constantly encourage open communication and a healthy lifestyle. It’s a part of our culture. Ultimately, we want our staff to flourish.




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