Christoffer Norton, owner at Domestic in Aarhus, why are you such fans of using local produce? 

– That is our biggest challenge and biggest inspiration, to only use local produce. We want to show what the region of east Jutland can do. We also use a lot of fermentation to be able to serve local food throughout the year. That’s the key stone in the business. Secondly, it needs to be organic. Why? Because the quality is better! You can really feel a difference in flavour, plus It’s more fun to play with. So – it’s a no-brainer for us.

It sounds easy, but how do you carry out the task in reality?

– Instead of chocolate, for example, we have been experimenting with barley, fermenting it so that it resembles chocolate. Lemons have been replaced by other things and we make our own tea from wild herbs, but we’re still serving coffee. We’re also working on a Danish-produced drink menu, as a supplement to the wine list which includes wines from the rest of Europe. My dream would be that absolutely everything on the menu would be Danish.


Photo: Samantha Fotheringham



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