Billy Wagner, owner of Nobelhart & Schmutzig in Berlin, Germany, to what extent is your produce locally sourced within 100 km?

To us, it’s not just about sourcing within a 100 km radius; it’s about the quality of the relationships we build with our producers. The emotional connections are the strongest—being close and understanding each other’s needs creates a bond that goes beyond mere transactions.

How often do you and your team visit your producers?
– Our staff regularly visits our producers, both for educational purposes and to build strong relationships, which fosters mutual respect for their work. Initially, our staff were hesitant to spend their days off on these visits, so we started compensating them for their time. It’s crucial for them to comprehend the effort and dedication involved in producing the ingredients we use.

To what extent do you discuss this with your guests?
– Communication with our guests is key. When people come to a restaurant, it’s usually because they’ve heard it’s good and they want a pleasant experience—a rather egoistic choice. We strive to ensure our guests understand why they are dining with us, what’s happening behind the scenes, and where their money is going.

Does that include the work you do to have an impact on a larger scale?
– Absolutely. Our approach allows us to drive change. We raise awareness by highlighting issues people might not have considered. For example, we eliminated gender-specific toilets to promote gender positivity and equality.


Photo: Anne Schönharting



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