Four categories


360°Young Chef



Winner 360°Chef 2021

Jacob Holmström, Gastrologik, Sweden

A chef with high skills and ambitions, with an inclusive approach to farmers and suppliers involved in creating quality and added value to the dining experience.


The nominees in the 360°Chef category have taken tangible action on environmental and social issues and play an active role in making the restaurant industry more sustainable. The nominees were:


→ Christoffer Norton, Domestic, Denmark

→ Elvira Lindqvist, Oxenstiernan, Sweden

→ Eric Vildgaard, Jordnær, Denmark

→ Filip Gemzell, Äng, Sweden

→ Heidi Bjerkan, Credo, Norway

→ Jacob Holmström, Gastrologik, Sweden

→ Nicolai Ellitsgaard, Under, Norway

→ Poul Andrias Ziska, Koks, Faroe Island

→ Poul Andrias Ziska, Koks, Faroe Island

→ Rasmus Munk, Alchemist, Denmark

→ Toni Kostian, Grön, Finland


Winner 360°Young Chef 2021

Luna Ladefoged, Molskroen, Denmark

An up-and-coming talent with high ambitions and open minds, who takes an impression of the surroundings, both people and environment.

The nominees in the 360°Young Chef category have the will and ability to tackle sustainability challenges in the restaurant industry. The nominees were the following:


→ Frida Jensen, Hærværk, Denmark

→ Jens Didrik Ask Kleven, Kvitnes Gård, Norway

→ Joakim Olofsson, Hantverket, Sweden

→ Joonatan Kakkuri, Grön, Finland

→ Live Edvardsen, Credo, Norway

→ Luna Ladefoged, Molskroen, Denmark

→ Melvin Glimstål, Oaxen, Sweden

→ Nicolai Rødkaer, Domestic, Denmark

→ Sebastian Holberg Svendsgaard, Geranium, Denmark

→ Simon Normark, Oxenstiernan, Sweden


Winner 360°Seafood 2021

Under, Lindesnes, Norway

Five and a half meters below the surface, but far above average – and most of the restaurants in the business – when it comes to sustainable seafood.

The nominees in the 360°Seafood category show commitment, knowledge, and respect for sustainable fishing. By doing so, they contribute to the protection of ecosystems and habitats. The nominees were the following:


→  Alchemist, Denmark

→  Bare, Norway

→  Frederiksminde, Denmark

→  Nolla, Finland

→  Hoze, Sweden

→  Jordnær, Denmark

→  Koks, Denmark

→  Koks, Denmark

→  Molskroen, Denmark

→  Oaxen Krog, Sweden

→  Under, Norway

Winner 360°Experience 2021

Swedish Country Living

An experience in the Swedish forest that takes the guests back in time when it is easy to breathe, listen, learn, see and taste what the farm and the sorroundings have to offer. An impressive whole were sustainability and a constant desire to look ahead give them the highest ranking.

This category recognizes food experiences in Sweden that focus on sustainability, local food, knowledge, and collaboration. The nominees were the following:


→ Absolut Home Experience

→ Local Farm Cider and Grub

→ Långlunch på Osprey Farm

→ Musselexpedition

→ Njutvandra Gotaleden

→ Nyrups Naturhotell

→ Skog, mat & eld

→ Surflogiet Experience

→ Swedish Country Living

→ Swedish Country Living



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