London Soho


360°Walks presents you the list of recommended places to visit while exploring Soho, London.


1.Hotel The soho hotel
On a quiet street with a great location

2.Breakfast The breakfast club
American style breakfast

3.Bakery Söderberg
Swedish café and bakery – even in London, a Swedish fika rarely disappoints

4.Lunch Firebird OR Bubala
A flirt with the mediterranean cuisines at firebird, or, a colorful treat at the middle eastern inspired Bubala

Stroll through the famous Carnaby Street

5.Coffee Café Vins
A brief coffee break from the hectic pace of London

6.Wine Bar Crispin
Snag a seat at this intimate and bustling wine bar

7.Dinner Mountain
Sharing is caring in this laid-back and rustic setting

8.Counter Eating Kiln
Watch as the thai-influenced food is cooked in flaming woks and clay pots over hot coals

9.Bar Bar Termini
Don’t leave Soho without trying their house negroni


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