Young Chef

Open to new ideas and influences
As a chef, you must be open to new ideas if you want to create change. New ingredients, new recipes, new cooking methods, primary products, etc. The nominated chef shall be characterized by this conviction.

Clarity in their visions
The chef in question must be driven by sustainability issues and want to be involved in the work required to make the restaurant industry more sustainable. They should also clearly show the visions they have in the future – how they want to change the world.

The person in question should be an ambassador for sustainability issues – and act clearly and frequently in the process of communicating his involvement in social media and in other channels.



Desirée Jaks, Agrikultur, Sweden

A chef who embodies the future of cooking, where craftsmanship, knowledge, initiative, and responsibility for our climate are top priorities. A true role model, both to younger and older colleagues in the business!





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