Spreads light
The restaurant sees opportunities where others see problems. The restaurant is brave and disseminates the light and knowledge of issues that others avoid. The restaurant detects fresh new foods and works innovatively with produce that others avoid.

Standing up
The restaurant is responsible for communicating the benefits of organic farming and food production. The restaurant is able to view the organic production system as a whole and is rooted in the basic principles of organic agriculture. Restaurants, which communicate a certification that contains verification of organic food and generally good sustainability work, are rewarded.

Guiding others
The restaurant inspires and guides other actors in the food chain in general and other activities in the Food Service in particular. The restaurant is happy to share knowledge and experience in sustainability and ecology with other actors.

NOMINEES 360°LIGHTHOUSE (Note! The nominees are presented in alphabetical order.)

Boo Natur, Sweden

FARM, Sweden

Hrimnir, Norway

Hävvi i Glen, Sweden

Hörte Brygga, Sweden

Kalf & Hansen, Sweden

Lilla Bjers, Sweden

Manfreds, Denmark

Nolla, Finland

Spill, Sweden

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