The restaurant has a varied and balanced menu and devotes just as much care to tasty, well-prepared green/vegetarian ingredients, produce and dishes – as with meat, poultry, and fish.

The restaurant highlights and markets green options – both before and during the visit (social media, menus, web pages, etc.)

The restaurant can show further initiatives and behaviors over time – where they are a good ambassador for a change to a greener life (with a better balance between meat, fish, and poultry)

NOMINEES 360°GREEN (Note! The nominees are presented in alphabetical order.)

Agrikultur, Sweden
Daniel Berlin Krog, Sweden
Fotografiska, Sweden
Geranium, Denmark
Krakas Krog, Sweden
Maannos, Finland
Moment, Denmark
Noma, Denmark
Relæ, Denmark
Rutabaga, Sweden



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