Clarity of integrating sustainability into the overall experience
The staff is engaged in sustainability issues and integrate these into the overall experience.

Proactivity in recommendations
Ability to influence the guest in a more sustainable direction during the visit; to make the guest choose sustainable options; apply to both food and coffee, wine and beverages.

The restaurant should be an ambassador for sustainability issues – and act clearly and frequently in the process of communicating the involvement in social media and/or in other channels.



Credo, Norway

The expression hospitality is given a new meaning: it’s not only about making guests feel welcome but also to provide them with in-depth knowledge of sustainable ingredients, seasonal focus and a sense of responsibility for our climate. 


Nominees 2019

Amass, Denmark

Credo, Norway

Fotografiska, Sweden

Krakas Krog, Sweden

Moment, Denmark

Tapio, Finland

Taxinge Krog, Sweden

Under, Norway

Vollmers, Sweden

Volt, Sweden


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