Want to create change
The chef in question must be driven by sustainability issues and want to be involved in the work required to make the restaurant industry more sustainable.

The ability to inspire
The chef in question should inspire his surroundings – in the kitchen as well as in the dining room – and be able to show initiative and changes that actually took place.

The person in question should be an ambassador for sustainability issues – and act clearly and frequently in the process of communicating his/her involvement in social media and/or in other channels.

NOMINEES 360°CHEF (Note! The nominees are presented in alphabetical order.)

Filip Langhoff, Ask, Finland

Fredrik Johnsson, Volt, Sweden

Gustav Öhman, Taxinge Krog, Sweden

Heidi Bjerkan, Credo, Norway

Jimmy Øien, Rest, Norway

Matthew Orlando, Amass, Denmark

Paul Svensson, Fotografiska, Sweden

Poul Andrias Ziska, Koks, Faroe Islands

Rasmus Kofoed, Geranium, Denmark

Sofia B. Olsson, vRÅ, Sweden

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