Kalf & Hansen, Sweden
Winners 2020 21 Nov, 2020

Winner 360°Lighthouse 2020: Kalf & Hansen

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The nominees in the 360°Lighthouse category are pioneers in the restaurant industry. They inspire and guide others, and are happy to share their experience and knowledge of sustainability with guests, colleagues, and other restaurants.

Nominee 2020

Apollo Bar & Kantine, Copenhagen, Denmark

A social meeting place in Copenhagen that has not lost relevance and timeliness if you ask us. Here, flea markets and lectures are interspersed with music, art, and — of course — a green, organic menu with suitable drinks.

Nominee 2020

Baka d’Busk, Copenhagen, Denmark

A vegetarian bistro in Nørrebro that serves everything from snacks and starters to main courses, desserts, and cheese. Most things can be vegan. On Sundays, they free up the reins — a menu on leftovers. All the time. Thanks!

Nominee 2020

Ett Bord, Oslo, Norway

A restaurant that serves tasty, creative small dishes based on organic and locally produced ingredients, which have been certified as “Gold” by Debio, meaning at least 90 percent organic ingredients.

Nominee 2020

Fabriken Furillen, Gotland, Sweden

A restaurant that opens during the summer, in spectacular surroundings where the forest, sea, Gotland rauks, and cliffs frame the barren dining room. Food and drink from local ingredients served with great knowledge and personal commitment.

Nominee 2020

Hrimnir, Oslo, Norway

A Ramen place with a few years under its belt that puts craftsmanship first. It started by American microbiologist David Quist, who wanted to explore how to create the perfect ramen. The ingredients are organic and almost exclusively locally grown. And organic, biodynamic, and naked wines on the wine list.

Nominee 2020

Hörte Brygga, Ystad, Sweden

In a small harbor on the south coast of Sweden is Hörte Brygga, which completely lacks a menu. The same can’t be said about vision. Here, the availability of ingredients controls what is to be served. Often both food and drink come from small, passionate growers and fishers. In addition to food and drink, laundry, cleaning, energy supply, clothing selection and transport are included in the restaurant’s aspiring sustainability policy. Ambitious!

Nominee 2020

K-märkt Garnisonen, Stockholm, Sweden

Bakery, patisserie, café, and lunch restaurant that clearlyand consistently promotes plant-based food and sustainability whenever they get the chance. There are no menus here. Here, you buy ingredients that are available at the moment — which guarantees both quality and low waste.

Winner 2020

Kalf & Hansen, Stockholm, Sweden

The business is growing and Kalf & Hansen is now located inthree spots in the Swedish capital. Here, father Rune and son Fabian cook Nordic, organic fast food at a high pace and with great insight into the impact food and drink have on the climate and on our common future.

Nominee 2020

Kolonihagen Frogner, Oslo, Norway

Here, it feels genuine and sincere. Gastronomy that draws its strength in long-term perspective and responsibility — both for ingredients and people. It’s green, it’s beautiful, and it’s very good.

Nominee 2020

Natura, Helsingfors, Finland

“We took nature into the middle of Helsinki” — states their website. They certainly did! This is a restaurant filled with greenery from the forest and sea that makes clear its position on the most important issue of all right now: sustainability, in regards to food and drink.

Nominee 2020

Plant Magics´ Kitchen, Malmö, Sweden

Creative, bold, — and almost always very good. Here, they’re best known for their vegan dishes at lunch, even though they also serve good meat dishes. Planting magic in the guests’ stomachs is the ambition. They succeed admirably with that!

Nominee 2020

Restauranglabbet, Stockholm, Sweden

A lunch restaurant and an innovation arena where the skilled chefs explore how restaurants can reach the UN sustainability goals by connecting science with the food industry. A new, exciting format — a relevant and brave restaurant that both wants and dares to take a stand and create a dialogue.

Nominee 2020

Restaurang Växthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

Here, they want to take plant-based food and craft wines to new heights. They dare to push the boundaries, offering fun, unusual drinks served with humor and warmth — and a large portion of knowledge. We find it to be liberating — and important!

Nominee 2020

Rosendals Trädgård, Stockholm, Sweden

The lunches here at Rosendals Trädgård on Djurgården appeal to many senses. The ingredients come from organic farms, many of them KRAV-certified, and — when the season allows — they harvest vegetables, herbs, and fruits from their own biodynamic farms. In addition, they have their own wood fire bakery right next to the café.

Nominee 2020

Spill, Malmö, Sweden

A lunch restaurant that serves dishes from ingredients that are to be sorted out and thrown away. It’s a business idea that turned out to be both catchy and interesting — and is just in time. Good food and personal treatment in a large bright room out on the old shipyard area Dockan in Malmö.

Nominee 2020

Talldungen, Ystad, Sweden

Talldungen in southern Sweden’s beautiful Österlen has become very popular and it’s difficult to book a reservation. The food is inspired by the Mediterranean, but the ingredients are always from the areas around the hotel. The wine list is an extra plus. Impressive!

Nominee 2020

Tartine, Helsingfors, Finland

Naturalness and respect characterize this simple, rustic, French-inspired restaurant in Helsinki, which focuses on ingredients from the plant kingdom. They clearly state their ambitions on the website, which tells guests about what they want and where they are going. Exemplary!

Nominee 2020

Urban Deli Nytorget, Stockholm, Sweden

Urban Deli is a blissful mix of restaurant, grocery store, and marketplace. In 2018, plastic bags were removed, both for carryout and fruit and vegetables. In the same year, they stopped selling air-transported fruits and vegetables. They pledge to only use Swedish meat — and for those who do not eat meat, there are good, fresh green alternatives.

Nominee 2020

Urten, Copenhagen, Denmark

A small, intimate, homely restaurant known for its vegan dishes with a taste of the Mediterranean. No matter where the inspiration comes from, the ingredients are almost always in season, from the areas around Copenhagen. Small menu, but good. Vegan home cooking.

Nominee 2020

Virisen, Tärnaby, Sweden

Here, they live off what the farm, the lake, and the Lapland mountain world has to offer. This is a circular gastronomy in every way. They dig, salt, dry, jam, and bake with ingredients from Lapland. Virisen is a restaurant that takes its gastronomic heritage very seriously.


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