Eco by Strandnära, winner of 360°Hotel 2020
Winners 2020 21 Nov, 2020

Winner 360°Hotel 2020: Eco by Strandnära

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The nominees in the 360°Hotel category are continuously expanding their knowledge of sustainability. They work to influence their guests to act with greater insight and responsibility.

Nominee 2020

Avalon Hotel, Gothenburg, Sweden

Mushrooms, elderberries, roses, chives, crown dill, chive flowers, blueberries, and sea buckthorn — these are just some of the ingredients that the chefs pick themselves at this relaxed, elegant hotel in the heart of Gothenburg. In addition to the hotel’s obvious passion for art and design, it’s ecologically responsible, which, among other things, includes using locally-produced and handmade porcelain that’s delivered by bicycle.
Nominee 2020

Axel Guldsmeden Hotel, Copenhagen

The largest hotel in the Guldsmeden Hotels chain, at least in Copenhagen. The small family dining room serves a good breakfast with organic keynotes, in smaller portion sizes, of course, due to the coronavirus pandemic — but still pronounced in quality and ambitions.
Nominee 2020

Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm, Sweden

A hotel with a view from the top. How else should we interpret the hotel’s ambitions to be the best at sustainability in the industry and offer accommodations that are more sustainable than the guest’s own home? Solar cells on the roof, a gym where the machines generate electricity, KRAV-labeled breakfast, and an overall conscious attitude for food and drink.
Winner 2020

Eco by Strandnära, Mörbylånga

A KRAV-certified hotel where nothing is left to chance. Paint, wallpaper, and cleaning are selected by taking into account the environment. All waste is sorted. They’ve installed an air source heat pump and energy lamps. The laundry is labeled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. All food and drink, both for breakfast and in the evening, is organic. In addition, the host couple is personal and welcoming.
Nominee 2020

Fritiden Hotell & Kongress, Ystad, Sweden

This new hotel in southern Sweden has high goals when it comes to sustainability. The hotel is powered by a climate-smart geo-energy system that provides heat and hot water, as well as cooling in the summer. The menus are climate-calculated, and just over half of the ingredients are organic. The plates are a little smaller at breakfast to minimize wastage. Well done!
Nominee 2020

Hotel SP34, Copenhagen, Denmark

Brøchner Hotels is one of the most driven and environmentally conscious hotel chains in Denmark. Breakfast with a lot of organic foods, more efficient energy use, and electricity from wind power. In addition, there is a concise, well-thought-out sustainability policy showing the way forward.
Nominee 2020

Hotel Kirikeskus, Posio, Finland

A hotel that protects both the culture and nature in its vicinity, promoting human rights and staying committed to the climate. A small, simple wilderness hotel in Lapland that takes great responsibility for things that are close to the hearts of many.
Nominee 2020

Hotell Eksgården, Öland, Sweden

Until 1981, cows roamed the dining room at Hotel Eksgården on Öland. This was a barn before it became a hotel, but the connection to the sea and land still lives on today. Here, there’s a natural relationship to sustainability; everything from the staff to hotel operations and the restaurants are characterized by responsibility and a long-term perspective. A simple, personal, and friendly hotel in the Öland countryside.
Nominee 2020

Högberga Gård, Stockholm, Sweden

The hotel’s buildings are heated with geothermal heating and powered by energy from hydropower. Water consumption is reduced through the faucets in the bathrooms, and all laundry is washed at a Nordic Swan Eco-labelled location. The hotel’s own composting machine gulps down the guests’ leftover food and converts it into soil. In one day, 75 kg of food waste can be turned into 7.5 kg of pure compost soil. The soil goes directly back to the local fields and can also be filled into small bags that guests get to take home.
Nominee 2020

Högbo Brukshotell, Sandviken, Sweden

The list of local suppliers that contribute to the menu at Högsbo Brukshotell is long. Here, we’re talking about a dedicated, long-term effort that is not always noticed outside the municipal boundaries but which always has a purpose and a goal. Sustainable living beyond what we are used to. Winner of 360° Hotel in 2019.
Nominee 2020

Molskroen Strandhotel, Ebeltoft, Denmark

A rural, beautifully-situated hotel close to nature’s pantry. The restaurant may be inspired by France, but the goals for sustainability are characterized by high, Nordic ambitions for everything, from washing the interiors, furniture, crockery, cleaning the linens, food, drinks, and staff care.
Nominee 2020

PM & Vänner, Växjö, Sweden

A caring hotel that takes responsibility both for training and educating the staff on issues related to sustainability and ensuring that the guest has a low impact on the environment and climate during their stay. The hotel is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and the restaurant at the hotel is one of the leaders in Sweden in sustainable fine dining. All linen at the hotel is organic, and the company that washes all textiles is eco-labeled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
Nominee 2020

Pyhä Igloos, Pyhätunturu, Finland

These homely little houses above the Arctic Circle in northern Finland are made of Lapland timber and heated with geothermal power. Sheets and towels are changed every three days, and guests help save water through low-flush taps and toilets.
Nominee 2020

Scandic Vulkan, Oslo, Norway

The Vulkan area is a former industrial region on the western bank of the Akerselva River that’s now vibrant and cool, with urban farms and public green spaces. Scandic Vulkan is Norway’s first hotel to be graded energy class A and is nearly self-sufficient in energy for heating and cooling.
Nominee 2020

Sigtunahöjden, Sigtuna, Sweden

Just over 50 percent of the food and beverage served at the hotel is organic. The menus are climate-calculated, and the staff undergoes training in sustainability, both at the time of hiring and then continuously during the year. The hotel uses secondhand dishware, low-flush faucets, and climate-certified laundries for washing clothes and sheets. This hotel may be located in a secluded corner of Sweden, but their work on sustainability is spot on.
Nominee 2020

Skoogs Krog & Logi, Funäsdalen, Sweden

An entire hotel that tries to work with the whole picture, and they succeed. The employees get a lot of attention, with a focus on wellness, work environment, participation, and community. Energy consumption, recycling, and disposable items are also under scrutiny. And the food, of course. Here, only whole animals are taken, while potatoes, root vegetables, cabbage, and spices are grown along the steep southern slopes of Funäsdalsberget.
Nominee 2020

Stelor, Gotland, Sweden

This farm hotel south of Visby offers its guests homely, pastoral accommodations and a restaurant based on what the neighboring farms have to offer for the day. From a grocery store in Visby, leftover fruit and vegetables that cannot be sold in the store are picked up to make jam for breakfast. This is a simple, family home that still feels very luxurious.
Nominee 2020

Talldungens Gårdshotell, Brösarp, Sweden

Among beech tree forests, slopes, and the sea is Talldungens Gårdshotell, which offers its guests rustic, Mediterranean-inspired gastronomy of local ingredients and a wine list full of organic and biodynamic wines. The rooms are personally decorated, a bit barren but still welcoming. The breakfast is organic with homemade bread and delicious accessories.
Nominee 2020

Villa Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

A five-star design hotel in central Copenhagen that sticks out its chin with liberty when talking about sustainability and food waste in a very convincing way. It’s called “conscious dining” — a good description of a gastronomic approach that feels very relevant these days.
Nominee 2020

Yasuragi, Stockholm, Sweden

A Japanese-style hotel and spa that’s serious about sustainability issues — ecological, social, and financial. All purchases must pass an evaluation in six steps; this applies to everything from clothes and furniture to food and drink. The hotels’ restaurants focus on light, delicious, plant-based food with a few touches of meat.

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