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Winner 360°Chef 2020

Eigil Christensen

A chef who chooses to start with the plant kingdom and, at the same time, shows his guests that it’s not a limitation — but a way to develop and broaden the gastronomy.

Winner 360°Young Chef

Léa Marion

Curiosity, creativity, and a great sense of responsibility for all aspects of sustainability — from handling the ingredients to minimizing food waste and reducing the use of plastic. This is how the chefs of the future work!

Winner 360°Experience 2020

Food Journey Through the Wilderness

An adventure in the woods and on the water that is — in all its simplicity — educational, unforgettable, and very relevant in these times. It all culminates with dinner over an open fire, which gives you, as a participant, a strong sense of calm and reflection.

Winner 360°Hospitality 2020


This is a restaurant that — with knowledge, warmth, and humor — intensifies the dining experience by explaining the farmers’ ingredients, the chefs’ intentions, and the magic of the taste combinations.

Winner 360°Seafood 2020


A restaurant where seafood is an almost permanent feature on the menu — not so strange considering that the kitchen is 200 meters from the sea. Here, we find deep knowledge of the sea’s gastronomy with vital insight into the value of sustainable fishing for generations to come.

Winner 360°Balance 2020


A restaurant where plant-based ingredients play the main role and where meat, poultry, and fish exist just to balance out and complete the experience. There’s great responsibility taken regarding the nature and origin of the ingredients — all formulated in accordance with an ambitious and well-written sustainability policy.

Winner 360°Waste 2020


Here, food waste is taken very seriously — a must, given that it’s one of the industry’s biggest challenges. Creativity, responsibility, and an ample serving of knowledge are required to succeed at this level.

Winner 360°Lighthouse 2020

Kalf & Hansen

Nordic, organic fast food that’s served seasonally and under the direction of father Rune and son Fabian. This is circular cooking for the people — nice, modern, and good, without any additives — a LIGHTHOUSE that lights up and shows the way.

Winner 360°Hotel 2020

Eco by Strandnära

This small, beautiful, family-friendly, eco-hotel on Öland has a big green heart. In addition to being KRAV-labeled at the highest level and having their own organic farm — they show great skill when it comes to sustainable cooking inside the kitchen.

A KRAV-certified hotel where nothing is left to chance. Paint, wallpaper, and cleaning are selected by taking into account the environment. All waste is sorted. They’ve installed an air source heat pump and energy lamps. The laundry is labeled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. All food and drink, both for breakfast and in the evening, is organic. In addition, the host couple is personal and welcoming.



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