Tèrra, Copenhagen


Briefly tell us how you work with sustainability at Tèrra

• Buy locally and create dishes based on seasonal availability of fresh ingredients.

• Choose certified suppliers ensuring natural cultivation and animal welfare.

• Know the origin and living standards of meat, fishes, and dairy products.

• Generously include vegetables, as the main ingredient within menus.

• Avoid artificial flavorings, sugars, and additives and support natural flavors and scents.

• Own systems for filtered sparkling and still water minimize excess water usage.

• Reduce packaging.

• Reuse organic and food waste.

• Ingredient preservation.

• Slow-food approach.


How much of the menu is organic produce (average per year)?

We are a certified silver brand organic restaurant— 60% to 90% organic.


Does the staff meet producers and suppliers to gain in-depth knowledge of certain products and producers?

Yes, we schedule monthly meetings where we describe stories about products, origins, people behind them, and philosophy, in addition we meet producers at their farms in order to provide in-depth knowledge to our staff.


Does the restaurant have a staff policy, including, for example, gender equality, discrimination, alcohol, and drugs?

At Tèrra, we strive for gender equality. We make sure there’s no discrimination by/towards the staff or by/towards the guests. No alcohol is consumed during service by the staff and drugs are not allowed at all. How do you work with food waste?


Do you have guidelines and goals in regards to waste?

Firstly, we maximize all ingredients in order to minimize food waste. In case of food waste though, we have a compost in collaboration with “Refood” for both food and oil waste. Coffee grounds are directly poured in our kitchen garden as compost and natural fertilizers

Head chef Valerio Serino



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