Photo: Philip Høpner

Alouette, Copenhagen


Does the staff meet producers and suppliers to gain in-depth knowledge of certain products and producers?

Yes. We do monthly visits with the entire staff to farmers and producers to help us understand more about their processes and procedures and to get inspiration for the menu.


What requirements do you have on the meat you serve at the restaurant?

We try to always source from Denmark, and as often as we can, from farmers or butchers, we know personally. Whenever possible, we use whole animals, or if using singular cuts, we try to ensure all the product is used. For example, this year we found a farmer who was struggling to sell the 30 mangalitsa pigs he had raised. We, in coordination with a butcher friend, purchased all 30. We made a plan with the butcher, collectively ensuring full utilization of the pigs.


What requirements do you have on the poultry you serve at the restaurant?

We prefer to use poultry sourced from small-scale, local farms. We have worked with Rosaskattladan, Hegnsholt, and are about to start working with Allégården.


What requirements do you have on the fish and seafood you use at the restaurant?

We work with our fisher purveyors to source the best products possible. We specifically choose fish that were harvested using the least invasive fishing methods. We also work on utilizing invasive species. For example, when we have used oysters on the menu, we have used the invasive Gigas Oysters that are damaging the ecosystem of the Wadden Sea.


At the restaurant, what consideration has been taken for durability in materials, manufacturing methods, and sustainable producers?

All of our furniture is made with local oak and leather by the woodworkers who work immediately below us. The tables are stone. All of it is gently sanded and maintained. These are items that are built to last a lifetime. Plates are ceramic, glass, and wood and all sourced from local artisans.

Photo: Gyrithe Lemche

Photo: Philip Høpner



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