Bhoga, Göteborg


What requirements do you have on the meat you serve at the restaurant?

We serve poultry or pork from Blekslätten gård. And otherwise serve lamb from Lida sheep farm.


What requirements do you have on the fish and seafood you use at the restaurant?

MSC-certified or sustainably sourced.


How do you work with food waste? Do you have guidelines and goals in regards to waste?

We constantly work to reduce food waste. We use the entire piece of produce and always try to use waste for staff food, juices, vinegar, and stocks. All guests have to pre-book their menu, which also helps to calculate food purchases and reduce waste.


At the restaurant, what consideration has been taken for durability in materials, manufacturing methods, and sustainable producers?

All the tables in the restaurant were made in Gothenburg by a local woodworker. The chairs are from Denmark. All hardy wood furniture. The plates are made from a lady in Gothenburg(Västergården). Clothes for the waiters are made from organic cotton.


How much of the menu is locally sourced produce? Max 250kilometers from the restaurant.

90 percent.

Gustav Knutsson



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