head chef ame

Pachi Rodriguez, chef and co-owner at âme in Barcelona, Spain, how do you prioritize the locality of your produce?
– We prioritize using very local produce; our vegetables are exclusively sourced from nearby. Our menu is seasonal, adapting to the availability of fresh ingredients: from peas to asparagus, from yellow beetroot to nectarines. We strive to extend the life of our products, but once they are out of season, we update our menu accordingly. This practice not only supports local agriculture but also brings variety and excitement to our kitchen.

How do you ensure the well-being of your staff?
– Communication is key to ensuring the well-being of our staff. We prioritize open communication, focusing on both professional development and work-life balance. As a small team, mutual respect and good relationships are essential. We hold regular meetings, once or twice a week, to discuss workloads, address stress-related issues, and share general updates, fostering a family-like atmosphere.

How do you support development and learning opportunities for your staff?
– We involve everyone in the development process and give them the freedom to explore new ideas. For instance, our service manager brings her ideas to the table and has been offered a wine course to further her expertise. Our sous chef, who started as a cook, has grown into his current role through gradual responsibility increases. Trusting our employees with responsibilities allows them to make significant progress and develop their skills.



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