Fotografiska, Stockholm


Briefly tell us how you work with sustainability at Fotografiska.

Sustainable Pleasure. Plant-Based. No Waste. Recycle. Upcycle. The restaurant should leave a good aftertaste for you, your neighbor, and for the planet.


Does the restaurant have a staff policy, including, for example, gender equality, discrimination, alcohol, and drugs?

To be sustainable, we work hard to be neutral when it comes to gender, racism, and religion. One of our key values is inclusion, and we mean it.


What requirements do you have on the meat you serve at the restaurant?

We only serve meat as a side order and sometimes in stocks. We always buy the whole animal and take care of it. The animal comes from a good background and lived well. We take it from hunters and farmers that work sustainably and have respect for the whole food chain. We only serve 100 gram to the guests so the world feels happier, both now and for the future.


How do you work with food waste? Do you have guidelines and goals in regards to waste?

No waste = cooking from root to flower. We have an industrial compost machine in the kitchen to use in compost baking. Upcycling = old bread goes to beer, pasta, and new bread. Coffee grinds get used in hard bread, pasta, ice cream, etc.

Headchef Elvira Lindqvist



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