Restaurant Jord, Helsinki


How much of the menu is organic produce (average per year)?

99 percent.

Does the staff meet producers and suppliers to gain in-depth knowledge of certain products and producers?

Yes, of course. For us and the whole staff, it’s very important to know who has grown the produce, made the wine, or picked our mushrooms and berries. It’s also important to know where everything is from if the cheese is from Tampere or from Helsinki for example.

Does the restaurant have a staff policy, including, for example, gender equality, discrimination, alcohol, and drugs?

We have a 0% tolerance for use of alcohol or drugs at work. We do not allow discrimination of any sort. We do not look at gender, orientation, religion, or race—because the most important thing for us is personality, skills, and the ability to do teamwork. We work in a really small team and consider ourselves almost as a family. And all family members work together and help and support each other.

What requirements do you have on the meat you serve at the restaurant?

It has to be domestic and as local as possible, preferably game meat. If farmed, it has to come from an organic/biodynamic and ethical farm.

Does the restaurant have a policy regarding single-use plastic?

We only use vacuum bags and cling film in small amounts when we do not have any other options. We constantly work with our suppliers to minimize the amount of packaging material.

How do you work with food waste? Do you have guidelines and goals in regards to waste?

Everything should be used. What can ́t be served to the guests will be served to the staff and what can ́t be served to the staff will go to bio-waste to be turned into bioenergy. We even use the leftovers from coffee as fertilizer for our plants and herbs.



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