Tell us about Tèrra!

Tèrra, which means Earth, is our homage to Mother Earth and our way to respect it every day, raising awareness among our guests. Tèrra® is a zero food waste and organic restaurant that holds certification label as a Danish state guarantee of 60% – 90% share of the raw ingredients complying with organics and sustainability since 2017.

To what extent are the chefs involved in exploring your region’s indigenous foodways and ingredients; what efforts are being made to increase the proportion of locally produced food and drink? 

Being Italian, it is an actual challenge only to use local ingredients, but it stimulates our creativity and develops more ideas. We only use local seasonal and organic/biodynamic ingredients, from vegetable to meat and sustainable fish. We forage wild ingredients ourselves – ramson, rosehip, elderflower, pine shots). We do not import ingredients to reduce our carbon footprint. For choice, we don’t use caviar and truffles since they are not local ingredients. We only import biodynamic wines and extra virgin olive oil in large quantities to reduce the amount carbon footprint.



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