Tell us about your take on sustainability

– Syttende is the quintessence of hand-picked, crème de la crème produce. You will be able to taste the changing seasons, the proud, immemorial cookery traditions, and the meticulously selected produce and ingredients in every single bite. And you will experience this in perfect harmony with local produce and choice ingredients that have made their way to Syttende’s kitchen from distant lands.” We have a deep respect for all our products at Syttende, and we know how much work there has gone into each product; therefore, we always try to get the most out of it.

How extensive is your selection of organic produce on your menu?

– So, it’s pretty hard for us to give a percentage because many of our small local producers are not certified organic due to their size. But we always go organic where it’s possible. Since most of our produce is locally sourced, our guess would be at least 80 percent.

Does the staff meet producers and suppliers to gain in-depth knowledge of certain products and producers? 

We try and keep everything as fresh as possible, so we gather several times a week when the season is on for each produce from the different suppliers.- We always try to invite our suppliers to Syttende and, likewise, to share their knowledge and know-how. We, of course, also visit our suppliers, and the chefs collect and visit every week to pick up new fresh produce.

Our partners

 Arla Unika, Martin & Servera, Scanpan, Unilever Food Solutions, Visit Sweden

 Arla Unika, Martin & Servera, Scanpan, Unilever Food Solutions, Visit Sweden

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