Photo: P-A Jorgensen

To what extent are the chefs involved in exploring your region’s indigenous foodways and ingredients; what efforts are being made to increase the proportion of locally produced food and drink? 

Our menu is based on locally produced food. Drinks are, if not wine, mainly locally produced by ourselves. The discussion about produce and gastronomy is omnipresent. The entire staff is included in our research and production; we have no hierarchic boundaries on whether you must be a chef to participate.

How extensive is your selection of organic produce on your menu? (average per year)

90 percent.

 What consideration has been taken for durability in materials, manufacturing methods, and sustainable producers at the restaurant?

We have only used furniture handcrafted in Sweden, both old and new; the same goes for stone benchtops. Lightning has been hand-made in Sweden and Italy. The floor is made of Swedish oak. All paint, wax, and oil are environmentally friendly. Great respect has been given to the restaurant’s possibility to age with grace.

What efforts are being made – and what safety nets are in place – to avoid or capture discrimination, bullying, and verbal and physical abuse, which can result in mental illness among employees?

We have zero-tolerance for discrimination, and everyone needs to sign and accept this to be employed. Since we all have a daily meeting and dinner together, we can easily spot misbehavior and deal with that promptly.



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