Syster Marmelad, Göteborg

Briefly tell us how you work with sustainability at Syster Marmelad

Always seasonality first. Working closely with farmers and producers that work with sustainability in mind. Sustainability is more important to us than certifications. Due to the close contact with several visits a year we are certain that this is the way to go. Bulk materials, like sugar, are always certified. Leftovers get a new life through fermentation, stocks, powders, and even staff food.


Does your staff undergo sustainability education? If so, how often?

No. We are just three people working here. We have all gone through various sustainability training throughout our careers.


At the restaurant, what consideration has been taken for durability in materials, manufacturing methods, and sustainable producers?

Minimum plastic, maximum wood, mostly vintage, and ecological cotton. Plates and ceramics from local potters.


How do you work with food waste? Do you have guidelines and goals in regards to waste?

No guidelines, no goals. Just common sense and experience from several years of making use of what others see as waste.



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